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Steps for obtaining Florida child support

Supporting a child in today's economy is not an easy task, especially when for a single parent. Many Florida parents in these circumstances decide to file for child support. But where does one even begin? Here is a list of things to help when requesting child support payments. 

Gather information about your child's other parent. Courts will need his or her current address, employer and any other contact info available. Also, if there is any question of paternity, this must be formally established before a petition for child support will be granted. This can be done many ways, including DNA testing in some cases. After all this is obtained, the parent seeking payment may then ask the courts for a child support order, usually by filing a petition. 

If the petition is granted, the court will then determine how much the custodial parent should be paid. A judge generally use guidelines set by state law, although he or she has discretion to veer from that formula if the judge believes the guideline amount would be unfair to either party. After a child support order has been entered, it is possible to request a modification based upon evidence of a substantial change in financial circumstances. However, courts typically require the reasoning to be solid before a modification request to either increase or decrease payment will be granted. 

All the time and energy put into a child support battle is exhausting. Many Florida parents choose to consult a family law attorney to help alleviate some of the stress. A lawyer will be able to answer questions about the process and offer ongoing assistance with regard to a child support proceeding.  

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