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The Florida adoption process

When Florida parents make the decision to adopt a child, they must take the steps to legally gain custody. This adoption process can be very difficult, especially for those who are not familiar with the legal system. Where does one even begin?

If a specific child has not already been chosen, the first step to take is to locate a child available for adoption. This may done a couple of ways: through an agency or with a surrogate. An adoption agency or a government agency can be used to match the perspective parents with a child. A child could even be placed with the parents as a foster until parents decide to adopt.  If a surrogate is chosen as the method for locating a child, a surrogate will be hired to carry the baby for the potential adoptive parents.  

The next step perspective parents will face is a home study to determine if they are capable of providing a stable, loving home for their possible child. Specific requirements are different based on the state in which you are adopting. Background checks, multiple interviews and classes may also be required during this process. 

After parents have passed their home study they must file petitions with the appropriate courts. The petition will identify all those involved, can ask the birth parents rights be terminated and can request custody be awarded to the potential adoptive parents. This process can be problematic and stressful for those seeking adoption. Some Florida residents choose to retain legal support from Family law attorneys to help with any problems that can arise. 

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