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MLB's most valuable player feuds over child support

Any baseball enthusiast knows Miguel Cabrera, the current first baseman for the Detroit Tigers. Cabrera made headlines recently, but not for his baseball skills. The 34-year-old has been in the Florida news recently as he battles over child support payments with a mistress.

Belkis Mariela Rodriguez, a 35-year-old self employed florist, is suing because she believes she should be paid more child support than the current $6,200 per month she receives from Cabrera for her two children. The showdown broke out back in August after Cabrera allegedly cut payments. Rodriguez believes that her children, born in 2013 and 2015, should have the same standards of living as the three other children Cabrera has with his wife of 15 years, Rosangel.

Miguel Cabrera is fighting Rodriguez's claim. Cabrera is accusing her of trying to extort him for his earnings in the disguise of child support payments. He is currently one of the wealthiest athletes in the world, making over 30 million dollars per year. The case is now heading toward the mediation process and will be heard before a judge at the end of the month. A decision will be made during the final hearing, which should take place in November or December.

A child support case can be a long process, as some take weeks or months to resolve. The process can be stressful to anyone involved in such cases. Some Florida residents make the decision to hire an attorney. An experienced attorney may be able to alleviate some stress and answer any questions one may have associated with a child support case.

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