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Custody modification and the Child Support Calculator

There could be several reasons for wanting to modify the child support agreement that has been in place since the finalization of your divorce. The main requirement is that the request for changing the terms of the agreement must stem from an involuntary cause.

To simplify agreement modification, the state of Florida provides a Child Support Calculator. This allows parents to estimate the new payment obligation, should the court approve the petition for change.

Lowering the payment

If the request for modifying child support will result in lowering the amount the payor contributes, factors the court consider include:

  •         The paying party’s loss of a job or other means of income
  •         Deceases in the child’s expenses
  •         The receiving party making more money

Increasing the payment

If modification would result in increasing the child support amount for the payor, factors under consideration twould include:

  •         The paying party earning more money
  •         The receiving party’s loss of a job or other income
  •         Increases in the expenses for the child

Going by the guide

In reviewing a child custody modification request, the court considers evolving circumstances, such as a change in employment, the onset of serious medical issues or the child’s upcoming educational needs. In terms of monetary change, Florida guidelines state that the difference between the existing financial obligation and the new amount must be at least $50 or 15 percent, whichever is greater, or the court will not find sufficient justification to approve the modification.

How the court will see your request

An attorney experienced in family law keeps current on every aspect of Florida child custody laws and can help you understand the various factors that go into the Child Support Calculator. Keep in mind that not every change in circumstances is enough to justify child custody modification in the opinion of a judge. Your attorney can review your request and advise you as to whether petitioning the court is worth your while.