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Is your spouse sharing incriminating evidence online?

In this era of instant communication, it seems that people cannot resist putting their latest personal news on social media sites together with the relevant pictures.

There are times, however, when you should keep the latest news to yourself, however riveting it may be. Impending divorce is one such example.

Not thinking things through

Let us say that in anticipation of divorce, your soon-to-be ex has already moved on in his mind and is using social media to keep in touch with friends. Although your spouse has blocked you from seeing them, he is posting interesting pictures of Bermuda, which he recently visited. However, in his legal documents, he states that he has no money with which to pay spousal support.

Friends pick the story up

When divorce is in the wind, a couple’s mutual friends will usually gravitate to one person or the other. For example, a friend who is loyal to you may be the source for information your spouse is sharing on Facebook. She informs you that another friend who is loyal to your spouse was in on the Bermuda trip and has posted photos of your soon-to-be ex relaxing on the beach, enjoying a sunset cruise and having drinks with the locals at a posh eatery.

Hiding assets

Another friend loyal to your spouse may unwittingly post a photo of himself seated beside your smiling spouse, who is behind the wheel of a brand new Corvette. What happened to the eight-year-old van he listed as an asset? Further investigation may prove that your spouse does indeed own the ‘Vette, and his friend is holding it for him—out of sight, except for the Facebook photo--until your divorce is finalized.

Possible legal consequences

In the state of Florida, evidence gathered from voicemails, emails, text messages and social media sites is admissible in court. An attorney will tell you that it is also a crime to lie on financial documents. At the very least, your soon-to-be ex has been very careless in sharing incriminating evidence online.