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Florida governor proposes adoption funding

Children thrive when in a supportive family environment. When kids are able to be in a permanent, stable home, they typically show increased likelihood to succeed and fewer negative behavioral effects than children from fractured situations involving institutional living. Florida Governor Rick Scott believes that increasing adoption funding in the state will help improve the lives of everyday people. 

By declaring November as "Florida Adoption Month," Scott has indicated the need to recognize the important role adoption can play for healthy kids. His proposal for additional financial support for families aims to make the process easier for families ready to take in a child. When families are not burdened with excessive financial costs of adding a foster child to the family, more families will adopt, and more children are placed into loving, supportive homes. 

In a recent legislative planning session meeting, the governor said that he intends to spend the last year in office protecting Florida's children, among other political concerns. He proposed to spend $200 million for families who adopt kids from foster care. Over 37,000 children are in need of home placement in Florida. 

It is a special thing when a family is created through the process of adoption. A child who may have once been forgotten and felt abandoned is given the chance to feel loved and thrive. The parents also have the chance to share their love with a child who will change their lives forever. One way that Florida may show support for this gift is through additional funding. Another potential support system for families seeking adoption is an experienced family law attorney who can assist an individual with the legal aspects of the process. 

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