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Divorce: A tale as old as time

A recently translated 4,000-year-old artifact is providing some insights on ancient coupledom. The Assyrian clay tablet has been translated from the cuneiform and is believed to contain the oldest known marriage contract, including provisions for handling infertility, surrogacy and divorce. The discovery just goes to show that modern individuals from Florida have more in common with ancient cultures than they may think. 

A good marriage contract, or prenuptial agreement as they are known today, will include provisions for how major life events will be addressed as well as expectations for the relationship. The clay tablet mentions the names of the betrothed, and the provision that they not become married to other individuals. In the case of infertility after two years, the wife would be able to choose a surrogate to bear her husband's child for her.

The stone also addresses the possibility of divorce. In the event that one partner wishes to separate from the other, the person requesting the divorce must pay a sum to the partner being left behind. The clay tablet was located in Turkey, and takes its place with many other such tablets of the same time period in archaeological museums across the globe. 

The translation of the tablet just goes to show that issues of marriage and divorce are not new to modern times. In fact, the tablet could also represent a winning strategy for avoiding problems in a marriage, an upfront agreement that can help the couple know the expectations of both partners. In these modern times, help in creating these documents is available. Individuals in Florida looking for guidance with divorce petitions or prenuptial agreements can choose to use the services of an experienced family law professional. 

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