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A plan can ease child custody concerns

The experts seem to agree that parents who divorce will need to plan for the future care of the children. Not only do Florida co-parents need to decide on child custody, but they also will likely need to consider visitation and other details. For some, a good plan eases the transition because it stays ahead of anticipated changes and problems. 

When first tackling the separation and divorce, an individual will want to consider the best interests of the children and ultimately what works best for both parents' schedules. There are options for custody; it can be either sole, joint or shared custody. Knowing one's preferences and needs at the outset will help when forming the agreement that will become the guide that the family lives by. 

After deciding custody, then parents may wish to move into the creation of a parenting plan. Parents will likely ask themselves and their soon-to-be ex questions about how appointments, activities and holidays will be handled. The topic of communication should be addressed, any details about future partners, how the drop-offs will be handled, and any other questions that pop up along the way. It can be costly to revise an agreement, so it is worthwhile to put in the effort the first time. 

Some also recommend allowing for flexibility as children grow and circumstances change. In Florida, individuals going through divorce with child custody issues may be wondering if help is available. Some individuals find help by hiring an experienced family law attorney to guide them through the process. 

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