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One state optimizes mobile child support payments

For the citizens of one state, it just got a bit easier to make one more type of payment. That's because child support payments in that state can now be made via mobile phone. A parent who may have forgotten to make a payment on time can now simply send it via the mobile app. While this technology has not yet reached Florida, one could hope that it could eventually be available in every state.

The new program came about when the state's Department of Health and Welfare recently teamed up with the administrator of the state government's web portal. The goal is to make it much easier to make child support payments on time. International online accessibility requirements have reportedly been met, and the app is said to be compatible with a screen reader. 

Fifty eight percent of those living in Idaho, where the program is in effect, are said to use cell phones as their only internet access. As such, it only made sense for child support payment methods to go mobile. Users can access the web page and pay the payments right from their cell phone. In sparsely populated areas, this could actually be a much faster way to pay.

While mobile child support payments are not yet available in every state, they could make it much easier for a parent to stay up-to-date on child support. Anyone in Florida with issues concerning child support orders has the right to contact a family law attorney who can help guide the client in how to proceed. With more and more ways to make these payments becoming available each day, it will be easier both for those sending and for those receiving child support payments.

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