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Mediation may be your best option for divorce

There are many different reasons for divorce, but not all of them are rancorous. Sometimes, given certain circumstances, a parting of the ways is simply the best answer for a couple, and if both parties are on the same page with this decision, the next step is to figure out how best to go about the divorce. Mediation is a good place to start.

One of the advantages of this kind of approach is that both marriage partners are able to sit down with the same attorney who serves as the mediator. 

Becoming actively involved

In a traditional divorce, you and your spouse hire separate lawyers. You eventually go to court, and when the whole thing is over, you must abide by the decisions of a judge. This essentially takes the divorce settlement out of your hands. However, you will both be active participants in a mediation process and become part of a team that includes the attorney as neutral facilitator. You can ask questions, get expert advice, avoid going to court altogether and save on legal fees.

Who are good candidates?

You already decided on divorce, and you agreed that the more amicable it is, the better. If neither of you is trying to hurt the other, if you have no hidden assets or other dark secrets, and if you are reliable about money matters, you are probably the kind of people who could benefit from divorce mediation. This is a process that works well for people who are honest and responsible, and who generally keep their word and follow through with the decisions they make.

Choosing your mediator

The attorney you select should be an experienced family law mediator certified by the Florida Supreme Court. You can rely on a person of this caliber to help you through the process with the least amount of stress and put together a divorce settlement that is agreeable to you both.