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Attorney Bill Beck Talks about His Guide: 'Florida Divorce Guide - A Step by Step Guide to Successfully Navigating Florida Divorce.'

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Katherine:Hello everyone. Thank you so much for joining us today on This Needs to be Said. Our friend, Attorney Bill Beck has returned and he's going to continue talking with us about family law. He's a divorce attorney and we're going to talk about his guide that he created to help people to navigate this. When we met with him last time, we began talking about his book and how it has impacted his life as well as other people's lives through him helping. We're going to continue that conversation. Welcome back Attorney Beck, how are you?
Bill Beck:Thanks Katherine. I'm really, I'm doing super. How are you doing?
Katherine:Oh I like that word. That is my favorite word. Super. I love telling people, "Have a super day." I love it. How did you know it was my favorite word?
Bill Beck:You know, I didn't know that. I just took a guess.
Katherine:(laughs) Well let's jump right into it. Tell us the title of your book before I jump into my questions for you.
Bill Beck:Sure. It's 'Florida Divorce Guide. A step by step guide to successfully navigating Florida divorce.'
Katherine:All right. What kind of issues or topics did you cover in this divorce guide?
Bill Beck:That's a good question. I tried to cover the topics that most people that I meet with have questions about. The ones that maybe there is a lot of speculation about, there's a lot of rumors maybe, there's a lot of TV guides that misconceptions people could get. What I wanted to cover are just the most important things. For instance, child custody issues. What a parent can do to help the court understand the situation they're going through and what's best for their children. Also, equitable distribution. Which is how marital estate is going to be divided between divorcing parties. Also, child support is covered. How that is calculated and what expenses and issues go into the calculation of child support. Also, alimony, when that's appropriate and how that's determined. We also deal with false allegations. When a spouse is accused of something they didn't do. Then on the flip side of that, we also talk about and define domestic violence and child abuse and those types of issues. It's a serious problem and sometimes people don't recognize when or if they're in a situation that does influence them inappropriately. Where there's threats of violence or actual violence. All of those things can impair a person's ability to make decisions that are in their best interests and to protect their entitlements.
Katherine:I think it's really tough when you have a lot of emotions involved in it. You just do. You married this person, it's very emotional. We talked about that a little bit last time.
Bill Beck:Yeah. The emotions are natural and they can be dealt with, but sometimes people feel intimidated or they feel guilty about asking for what the law really entitles them to. For instance if you approach an intersection and there's a green light at the intersection, people should understand that they're entitled to go through that. They don't have to feel bad about the other people waiting at the red light. That's just how society functions is by laws and rules and entitlements. We trust that people will stop at red lights and so we move forward through a green light. That's the way society has to function. Some people, they feel guilty or they feel ashamed for getting what they are actually entitled to. A lot of that guilt or shame can't come from the spouse that is being emotionally or, in other wise just being abusive. That has to be recognized. I talk a little bit about that in the book also.
Katherine:I know you're talking about this, but I want to be more explicit with the question. How can this guide help people? Who is this book for? Of course, people who are going through divorce or are thinking about it, but how is this to be used as a tool?
Bill Beck:I get asked this question a lot. Is this book for men or is it more for women? Is it for husbands or wives? The answer is that it is for everybody. It's information that can be used to clarify questions, whether you are the husband or the wife. Whether you're the one seeking the divorce or you're the one that is taken by surprise by the divorce. It would really benefit anyone and everyone to read this book and have their questions answered because with that knowledge, the fact sometimes get rid of a lot of fear and anxiousness. That's really what the purpose was. It wasn't written for any specific player.
Katherine:Okay. So it's not going to have, because you're a man, it's not going to have women bashing in it and this is all for men. Right?
Bill Beck:Oh, no. In fact, I'm very sympathetic to what women have to go through. My wife and I have six children. We've been married for over 21 years now. I know how difficult raising children and supporting children can be. I don't short that responsibility at all. A lot of times with situations, a lot of times the fathers are being the primary care providers for children. That's also taken care of. The law in Florida is really written gender neutral. Doesn't really say mothers or fathers. So, that's why the book is kind of written in that way too. It just gives both sides an idea of what the law really is and what to anticipate. How to maybe change the outcome if the case is heading in one direction and they don't want that outcome, there's things that can be done to paint a different picture for the court.
Bill Beck:So I talk about that in there as well.
Katherine:Okay. What kind of response have you gotten from the people who have already read your book?
Bill Beck:A lot of positive response. A lot of people have said that it dispels the gloom, the darkness, the questions, the fear, the anxiety that they have. Just sitting down with the book written by a professional divorce attorney. That's all I practice. That's all I've been practicing. I answer questions that they have that they didn't know they had. It's been very positively received and I've gotten a lot of positive feedback on the book. I'm really pleased that it's been so well received.
Katherine:That's good. You said something earlier on an interview today about reducing the anxiety that a person has around it because a lot of times we talk about going through a divorce and whatever our personal beliefs. I think a lot of times, we find out what our beliefs are when we get ready to do something like this because we got married and we weren't thinking about getting divorced. Maybe we say, "Oh, I believe in never getting a divorce," but here you are now, talking about getting a divorce. All of those questions rush in, "Am I a fraud?" Guilt and all those ... for you to have a guide that helps a person to be able to center themselves and say, okay, let me ask the right questions because of course, I have these conversations with friends and family and I watch a little TV. I don't know what I can do and if it's a really nasty situation. I can never imagine a divorce being anything comfortable, but if it's really something nasty I'm sure someone is issuing a threat that may or may not be true, but I don't know because I don't have the answers myself. Just being able to level the playing field and, okay, this is what I'm entitled to, and I'm able to ask for that. I don't care about what you're saying. I need to do what's in the best interest for me and if there's children involved, for the children. I really am thrilled that there is a book that calm people about this change in their life. There's a transition. There's something different they are about to do. Something they didn't plan for and you're bringing that piece to them. I just want to say thank you. Thank you for that.
Bill Beck:You're welcome.
Katherine:How can people get a copy of your book?
Bill Beck:The best way to get a copy of the book is to go to my website. It's, Right now, I'm offering the divorce guide for free. If you want it, and you need it, even if you can pass it on to somebody that you think would need it, I'm really interested in providing a free copy of the book to you. Again, just go to my website, and they'll be prompts to request a book and it'll be sent right out to you. I pay the shipping. The more I can get the word out, it's straight information, it actually makes my job easier also. I'm happy to provide that to you and to your listeners.
Katherine:Awesome. Thank you for that. Before we go, Bill are there any closing remarks you would like to make to the 'This Needs to be Said' audience?
Bill Beck:You'd mentioned that nobody gets married to get divorced. Nobody plans on it and I completely agree. In all my experience, it's not anything that anybody had anticipated when they first got married. I want people to understand that it's not their fault if things don't work out. I don't encourage divorce, I think people should look at things from other people's perspectives and try to preserve their relationship, but a lot of times when that's just not possible, then steps need to be taken so that both parties can move on with their lives in the cleanest way possible. Nobody is helped and nobody wins when a divorce turns ugly.
Katherine:That's very true
Bill Beck:Talk a lot about how difficult that is for children, but it's difficult for parents. It's difficult for husbands and wives, it's difficult for everybody. Taking the high road is what I advocate and it's what I encourage my clients to do. I'm not the type of attorney that enjoys causing heartache. Just the opposite is true. I'm really trying to practice the best form of divorce law that I can. That's what this book talks a little bit about. I appreciate the opportunity to share that with your listeners, Katherine.
Katherine:And we appreciate it so much. Until next time, have a super day.
Bill Beck:Oh and you have a super day too. Thank you. Bye.
Katherine:Thank you.