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Florida lawmaker wants to make it easy to open adoption records

In most cases, adoption has always been a private affair. Adoptive parents typically do not know where the kids they adopt come from, and the birth parents usually do not know where their child goes. This was the case for many years, ostensibly to protect both sides of the process. According to one Florida lawmaker, however, this adoption process did not protect the child involved, and he wants to change all that.

In the state of Florida, adults who were adopted as children have no way to obtain their original birth certificates. Two Florida legislators, who were both adopted, have joined in a debate about this fact. It is a debate which has been ongoing since 1971, almost 50 years. One of the legislators has no desire to find his birth parents and feels that the law should remain as it is. The other man found his birth parents 30 years ago, and although he didn't need his birth certificate to do so, he feels that all adopted children should have the option to ask for their original certificates when they turn 18.

The man who has no desire to find his birth parents feels that it should not be mandatory for birth parents to ever reveal themselves. He is afraid that this would lead to fewer adoptions and more mothers who choose to terminate their pregnancies. The other lawmaker feels that people have the right to know where they came from. He met his birth family, including two brothers, and feels that the experience has been beneficial to him.

Adoption impacts more than just the family who chooses to adopt a child. Birth parents often have concerns about the process, including what information or contact may be available to them once legal proceedings are concluded. Ultimately, the individual who was adopted may have questions or concerns once he or she becomes an adult. Adoptive parents may have privacy concerns. These are difficult legal issues, and a Florida family law attorney may be able to offer advice and support to those seeking answers. 

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