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Father collects felonies trying to avoid child support arrest

A Washington County man has been taken into custody after fleeing to elude police officers. The Washington County Florida Sheriff Deputies were attempting to arrest the man on March 10 for failing to pay his child support. Instead of facing the accusations, police claim that the man chose to flee on foot, which then caused the deputies to add more charges to his arrest.

According to the report, deputies arrived at the man's residence just after midnight to serve an arrest warrant for child support. The man ran away from his home on foot, into a wooded area nearby. The Washington County Sheriff's Department then chose to dispatch K-9 tracking teams to find the man. These teams came from Holmes County Correctional Institution and Northwest Florida Reception Center. 

Once the K-9 teams arrived, they were able to track the suspect to an old barn that was located on his property. He was allegedly found hiding in a hole that he had previously dug. The hole led underneath the barn where police claim to have found the man. The man was then arrested and taken to the Washington County Jail, where he was booked on charges of failure to pay child support, violence while resisting arrest and battery on a law enforcement officer.

It was noted that the authorities would not have been likely to have found the man without the help of the K-9 units. Some may argue that the actions were a bit extreme for someone being arrested on a non-violent child support charge. In Florida, those who find themselves in a situation where they could be (or have been) arrested for failure to pay child support may benefit from seeking the help of an experienced family law attorney. The lawyer can help prepare and present a formal petition to modify child support payments where evidence exists of a substantial change in circumstances, such as loss of employment or a health problem.

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