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Child Custody Unmarried Parenting Plan Bill Introduced in Florida

The Florida Senate Committee recently introduced a bill that could help create an effective and beneficial parenting plan for unwed parents who wish to share in raising their child. The Florida child custody bill SB 590 was introduced in the Committee on Children, Families, and Elder Affairs on Monday, March 6 by its lead author. Although the bill was voted on by members of the committee upon introduction, it will still need to be heard on the Statehouse floor and voted on by several other committees before it could become law.

The purpose of SB 590 is to set up a parenting schedule that is agreeable to both parents in these cases. While it is established under Title IV-D child support actions of the Social Security Act, this bill is more about the parents getting quality time with their children than it is about money. Title IV-D is permitted by the US Department of Health and Human services and is a government welfare program from 1975. It helps states to go after parents who have been delinquent in paying child support and other parental responsibilities.

A few committee members had questions about the bill. One asked how much it would cost Florida. The upfront, the non-recurring cost would be $419,000, and an annual cost of $20,000 would continue. One senator asked whether or not the bill would affect those parents who did not live in Florida or lived in less-than-traditional conditions. He suggested that the bill might need to be tweaked a bit before being voted on by the Senate.

If accepted, the Florida child custody bill will go into effect in January of 2018. Many unmarried parents may have questions about how this bill will affect their lives and the lives of their children. An experienced child custody lawyer can help alleviate any worry and protect the rights of unmarried parents in such situations.

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