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State seeks to end paternity rights of sports doctor

One state has moved to end the parental rights of a sports doctor who has been accused of the sexual assault of several females. According to the report, attorneys have filed their petition against the 53-year-old after citing testimony from the FBI. It is a case in which a man could lose custody of his children despite the fact that he has never been accused of abusing them in any way. While this case is unique, paternity rights cases are heard daily in Florida courtrooms.

The FBI testimony alleges that videos and images of child pornography were discovered at the residence of the man. Videos of him assaulting girls were said to have been included in the videos. There are no charges that would indicate that his own children were involved in any way.

The man's wife has filed for and was granted a divorce from him. She has also been given sole custody of their children. Because of this fact, she feels that the motion to take way her ex-husband's parental rights is completely unnecessary.

The man has denied the charges against him. He is a doctor at a state college and also trained young Olympic hopefuls. There have been dozens of women and girls who came forward to accuse him of sexual assault.

Some may feel that it is unfair for a man to lose his paternity rights if he has not been accused of harming his children or proven to be guilty of other crimes. Those in Florida who are facing the threat of losing their parental rights may choose to consult with a family law attorney. This lawyer can explain to the client the best way to fight for the right to be in his or her children's lives.

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