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Adoption advocate has helped find homes for over 200 children

A man whose wife was adopted at the age of 6 months has come to be known as an advocate for adoption. It all started in Florida in Jan. 2005 when six babies who were about to be born needed permanent homes. The man's wife of just 11 months volunteered herself and her husband, and together, they arranged for the adoption.

Although the birth mother ultimately decided to keep the babies, it opened the door for the man to start a journey that he'd never dreamed of being on. Since then, he and his wife have adopted two kids and found homes for over 200 more. They also have one biological son.

The couple now live in another state, where the husband volunteers on the board of an organization that helps match adoptive parents with needy children. Through the foster care and adoption ministries that he is a part of, he dedicates his time to making sure that kids are not just placed in a house, but given a home where they can flourish. He hopes that all adoptions will be handled in the same manner one day.

For those who are considering adoption in the state of Florida, a family law attorney can help to set the wheels in motion. Whether one wishes to become a foster parent, adopt a family member or is searching for a birth mother that needs a good home for her baby, the attorney can be of assistance in preparing and processing the proper paperwork. Contacting a knowledgeable family law lawyer is a good place to start the ball rolling on the adoption process.

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