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Florida opiod epidemic leaving kids in need of adoption

Many parents in the state have found themselves unable to care for their own children because of drug abuse. It has become such a large epidemic that there is now a name for the kids from these situations. They are known as Florida's opioid orphans, and many of them may be in desperate need of adoption.

Perhaps some of the most tragic of these children are the babies who are born already addicted. Shaking and constant crying are just some of the symptoms are brought on by their withdrawal, known as neonatal abstinence syndrome. There has been a shocking increase of 1200% of cases in the southern part of the state alone.

As a result of the increase of addicted babies, the Children's Network is begging for help from foster parents as well as those looking to adopt. One couple adopted a toddler who was once struggling with the illness, and they are now fostering their thirteenth baby. The mom says that these children just need love as they go through an experience that is understandably traumatic for them. She also feels that love is the best hope that the babies can have.

For anyone who may be interested in adopting one of the opioid orphans, or any other child in Florida, an experienced family law attorney may be able to help. The family lawyer is up to date on information and laws regarding foster care and adoption that could help any potential parent. By consulting with this attorney, one can hope to be given the chance to provide the love and security that these babies need.

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