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Tip to find low-cost marriage counseling, Part 2

Marriage counseling is a booming business. For some inexplicable reason, as the number of divorces goes up, the number of marriage counselors also rises. Regardless of the metaphysical connection, marriage counseling is a viable solution for many couples wanting to work through their disputes. But, as discussed in a previous post, for many couples counseling is prohibitively expensive. This post will continue discussing alternative methods to seek to counsel.

Local universities are a great source for a variety of low-cost services, including marriage counseling. Masters and doctoral students are training to provide these services in their practice and need to practical experience real clients bring. While you might feel nervous at trusting your relationship to a ‘trainee,’ you don’t need to worry. These students are highly educated, and all of them are supervised by a licensed professional.

Additionally, many non-profit organizations offer low-cost or free marriage services. You can check the local directory for a list of available non-profits and contact them for additional information. Not every city has non-profits that offer these services but, as stated above, universities are always available.

Furthermore, don’t overlook your workplace. Many employers offer a limited number of counseling and psychological services to its employees. Try reaching out to your HR department for more information.

Finally, if you are a veteran, there are many organizations that specialize in counseling services for former service members. You can also reach out to the VA for assistance.

You don’t need to immediately jump to divorce as the ultimate solution to your marriage problems. Working with a counselor is a great way to rebuild a relationship, however, trying to save your marriage does not mean you should not prepare for a divorce. A divorce attorney can walk you through the steps to prepare and file for divorce. That does not mean you are finalizing anything; it only means you are prepared.