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Not All Relationships End in Happily Ever After

Not all relationships end in happily ever after. If you get divorced, you and your ex will have to decide who gets custody of your children. And if you can't come to an agreement, a judge will do that for you.

An experienced family lawyer can help you navigate the complexities of custody and visitation, but it's important to know some basic terms so you can make informed decisions.

"Custody will fall into one of two types: physical custody and legal custody. Parents can have 'joint custody' or one parent may have primary custody, which is called 'sole custody.'" says family law attorney Bill Beck.

When one parent has sole physical custody of a child, the other parent will typically have visitation rights. The "custodial parent" has physical custody. You and your ex-spouse can work out your own visitation agreements, but if you can't agree, a court will issue a visitation order.

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