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Misattributed Paternity

You just found out the child you raised since birth isn't yours. Once the shock and anger wears off, you begin to wonder if you can seek compensation for the financial support you provided through the years. The short answer is.. yes.

"Misattributed paternity occurs when a father provides support for a child that he is not biologically related to, and he was unaware the child was unrelated to him. Paternity is the establishment of reciprocal legal rights and duties between a father and child. Paternity places the father under an affirmative duty to provide support and care to his child." says family law attorney Bill Beck.

The court says you are entitled to reimbursement for child support and reversal of any property transfers.

If you recently discovered that you were assigned paternity incorrectly, the guidance of an experienced family law attorney is invaluable. At Bill Beck Law they take great pride in shaping a positive future for their clients while guiding you along the way. Together they can help you build the brighter future you deserve.