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If You're Going Through a Florida Divorce, It's Understandable That Your Emotions are All Over The Place

If you're going through a Florida divorce, it's understandable that your emotions are all over the place. It's even worse if you find out that your spouse cheated on you.

If you're thinking of getting revenge, resist that temptation.

"Destroying your estranged spouse's prized possessions may feel really good. But, it could feel really bad and take a bite out of your wallet later. Florida divorce laws do not look kindly at your urge to assuage your anger and pain with a bonfire built on your soon to be ex's possessions." says family law attorney Bill Beck.

Typically Judges will split your assets 50-50 but statutory factors adjust that equation. That means if your spouse brings in pictures of a keyed car, flattened tires, and shattered golf clubs, it matters and it costs you money.

If you are facing a Florida divorce, the guidance of an experienced divorce attorney is invaluable. At Bill Beck Law they take great pride in shaping a positive future for their clients while guiding you along the way.Together they can help you build the brighter future you deserve.