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Common Law Marriage, Common Law Divorce or Legal Separation

The State of Florida does not recognize Common Law Marriage, Common Law Divorce or legal separation. Florida law considers you single until you're legally married and then legally married until your divorce is finalized.

Bill Beck, Marital and Family Law Attorney, lays out the options for divorce in Florida.

  • Simplified
  • Uncontested
  • Collaborative
  • Litigated divorce

"Whichever path you choose, the guidance and advice of an experienced divorce attorney will be invaluable to dissolving your marriage," states Attorney Beck.

Bill Beck Law is offeering a free book to help put you on the most effective path towards the solutions that your family needs. The book is entitled- "Florida Divorce Guide", your step by step guide to successfully navigate Florida divorce.

At Bill Beck Law they take great pride in shaping a positive future for their clients, while guiding you along the way.Together they can help you build the brighter future you deserve.

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