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Ex-wife cannot recover divorce court costs from current wife

According to an appeals court from another state, an ex-wife will not be allowed to recover court costs from her ex-husband's new wife. The ruling comes from an attempt on the part of the ex-wife to collect legal fees from another ruling of their divorce. She was trying to force the new wife to pay her husband's past-due alimony. Divorce and alimony cases are heard daily in Florida.

According to the report. the ex-wife had asked the court to reconsider its earlier decision on the case. Her suit had previously been dismissed by the court, which said that the ex-husband's new wife could not be forced to pay legal fees and costs to the ex-wife. The court of appeals was presided over by a panel of three judges.

The decision by these judges was unanimous. While they refused to change the previous ruling, they did agree to a petition by the ex-wife for clarification of the decision. They explained to the ex-wife that if she had sought the fees and costs from her ex-husband, she probably would have had a different outcome. Since she sought the monetary compensation from the new wife, her request was denied.

Anyone in Florida who is seeking a divorce or is interested in pursuing compensation from an ex for failure to pay an amount ordered by a divorce may choose to speak with an experienced divorce attorney. This lawyer can advise the client on how to file the case and lead him or her in who should be named as the defendant. While not all cases can be won in such disputes, filing the proper paperwork against an acceptable opponent can be very helpful.

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