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Be careful of nesting for child custody

In recent years, parents have become more and more aware of the effects that a divorce will have on their children. With this awareness comes new ways to try and cushion the blow, such as nesting. Nesting is when the children keep the family home, and the parents both move out, taking turns staying with the children in the home. But Florida parents may want to proceed cautiously if choosing this method of child custody.

The divorce of parents is almost always traumatic to their children. Perhaps one of the most painful aspects of it is the fact that the kids feel that they can only live with one parent now, and they are shipped back and forth between residences. School books, laptops, clothes, everything has to be packed and moved every weekend, during the summer and on holidays. It can be very confusing and burdensome to the child. Because of this, nesting may seem like a good plan.

There are some concerns when it comes to this solution, however. In some circumstances, a nesting couple may not be considered as legally separated by the courts. This could have a negative impact on their financial support agreements, property division, taxes and other legal aspects. Nesting can also be emotionally confusing, as the home really doesn't belong to either parent, yet they are each in charge when it is their turn to be there. Both parents must be able to respect the other's choices to some degree on cleanliness, decor, visitors, etc.

Overall, nesting could be a good solution to child custody in a Florida divorce. It is important to talk to a family lawyer who can advise both parties of the legal and emotional issues that could arise from such an arrangement. By making sure that these issues are taken care of in the agreement, nesting can be used as a positive way for the kids to keep both parents and their home.

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