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American families look to foster children for adoption choice

According to a recent report, more and more American families are choosing to make foster kids a permanent part of their families. When it comes time to make a decision about adoption, more parents are looking at the option of allowing foster children into their homes. There are many of these children in Florida looking for somewhere to grow roots and spread wings.

Nielson recently conducted a national survey on the subject for the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. In that survey, it was determined that a quarter of people who have not yet adopted children in America have considered the option. Of those people, almost 80 percent felt that adopting foster children was a good idea. That percentage is at an all-time high for the country.

There are over 110,000 foster children in the United States at this time who are waiting for their turn to join a family. Over 20,000 children a year grow out of foster care without ever finding a permanent home. Kids who age out of foster care without being adopted are at high risk to end up unemployed and homeless. 

For those who are considering a foster child for adoption, a family lawyer can help to work through the process. Family law attorneys stay up to date on laws and regulations that Florida has in its adoption process. By consulting with a family lawyer, potential parents can make sure that their adoption is legally binding and that their foster child will be a part of their family from now on.

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