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Preacher arrested for failure to pay child support

A preacher in a nearby Southern state was recently held in jail after he allegedly failed to pay his court-ordered child support. The 49-year-old pastor was taken in on charges of failure to comply. According to a spokesperson from the local sheriff's department, it is simply a case of him reportedly refusing to follow orders. In Florida, being accused of failing to pay child support can cause someone to end up in jail.

In most states, once a person has been arrested on charges of failing to pay court-ordered child support, he or she must remain in jail until they have paid their bond. The bond is usually made in the amount of child support that is allegedly owed. For example, if a man is arrested and accused of being $5,000 behind on child support, then his bond will be $5,000. He will have to stay in jail until that amount is paid.

In this case, the man was held on a bond of $8,116. He is set to go to court on April 17. It is unclear at this time what the judgment will be in this particular case. It is possible that the man can reach an agreement to pay the money if he does owe it. If he claims that he does not owe the money, he may be given a chance to prove that he has paid the amount he is claimed to owe.

If anyone in Florida finds themselves accused of failing to pay child support, he or she can benefit from counseling with a family law attorney. In cases where there have been new circumstances, such as loss of a job or health issues, a judge may even be persuaded to be lenient on the charges. An experienced family lawyer can guide the client in how to proceed with such a case.

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