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Bill Beck Law - News Update 10

Going through a divorce with kids is a painful and difficult process. If your child has autism or special needs, the divorce can become even more heartbreaking for everyone involved.

A custody schedule is rarely something both parents see eye-to-eye on, and extra care must be taken when determining a schedule for a special needs child.

"You need a parenting plan for how you will provide stability and support after the split. In addition to creating common schedules between homes, discuss how you would handle relocation, consistent rules between households, and ways your child can keep in touch with both parents." says family law attorney, Bill Beck.

In challenging times like this, divorcing couples should consider counseling for their child, lean on close friends and family, and reach out to an experienced family law attorney.

To put you on the most effective path towards the solutions your family needs, Bill Beck Law is offering you this free book, "Florida Divorce Guide", your step by step guide to successfully navigating Florida divorce.

At Bill Beck Law they take great pride in shaping a positive future for their clients, while guiding you along the way. Together they can help you build the brighter future you deserve.