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Adoption task force could overhaul entire system

Families who have adopted children can likely attest to how long and expensive the process can be. One state's lawmakers are going to be very busy this summer trying to create legislation that will overhaul the entire adoption and foster care system. A committee dedicated to this cause was appointed on April 19th and will look into ways to shorten the process of adoption and lower the costs. Although this is not yet taken place in Florida, this could set a precedence for making adoptions easier throughout the U.S.

One of the chairmen on the committee sees this as a personal issue for himself. He adopted a Korean daughter in 2012 and was stunned that the process took a total of three years to complete. Redundant paperwork was a large part of the problem in his case since most of the legal papers that he signed were valid for just 12 to 18 months, but the adoption took much longer. That meant that he had to sign the same paperwork repeatedly, and each time the paperwork was filed, he had to pay the fees all over again.

The man points out that while some government legislation may be based on what is best for the government agency, it may not be what is best for the families who are trying to adopt and the kids waiting to be adopted. The goal of this committee is to focus on the needs of those families above the needs of the government. At the time, it seems that some really good families are missing out on adoption because of the costs and time that it takes to undertake.

While the committee is determined not to rush the process, they are confident that they can come up with legislation over the summer that will improve the adoption and foster care system. Anyone in Florida who is considering adoption can contact an experienced family law attorney. This lawyer can instruct clients in what steps are needed in the state to accomplish their adoption goals. 

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