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Transgender children are adopted at higher rates

Contrary to, perhaps, popular assumptions, transgender children are adopted at higher rates than the statewide average rate. A study conducted by the Boston Children's Hospital's Gender Management Service Clinic noted that 8.2 percent of the transgender children who had gone to the clinic between the years 2007 and 2015 were living with adoptive families,  whereas the overall adoption rate in the state is only 2.3 percent.

These results are fascinating because they illustrate that transgender children may enjoy higher than average adoption rates while the country is engaged in a cultural redefinition as it grapples with transgender rights.

The researchers offer several explanations for these findings. First, transgender children are overrepresented in the studies because they are more likely to need and receive care. Generally speaking, adoptive children are over-represented in clinical settings from both domestic and foreign adoption agencies.

The researchers also suggest that adoptive parents are more likely to be accommodating than biological parents. Specifically, adoptive parents are less likely to feel shame that their child is transgender and are more liable to travel to clinics for help.

Another doctor suggests that adopted transgender children are more willing to accept that they are different from their parent. Adopted children inherently understand that they are different and are prepared to accept being different, more so than biological children.

If you are trying to adopt a child, then you may want to set up an appointment with an attorney. A lawyer can go over the adoption process and help you choose the best agencies, fill out the paperwork, and maximize your opportunity to adopt a child. The adoption process is complicated, which is important because it helps ensure that children's interests are considered at all levels. Let an attorney help you grow your family.