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5 stages of grief

Deciding to move forward with divorce is difficult and emotional for all involved. Knowing what to expect can often ease any fear associated with not knowing what life will be like after. Everyone will go through various degrees and states of emotion throughout the process but there are five key stages you can expect.

1. Denial: Often people will be unable or unwilling to accept a significant change is about to happen. Many will feel as though they are experiencing a bad dream and life will return to normal once they wake.

1. Anger: After the impending loss is realized, many may feel abandoned. A person may even feel angry (often at the person they are losing, which can drive the expenses of divorce up).

2. Bargaining: People experiencing grief will often move into pleading with a loved one about making changes. Some may even pray and/or plead with a higher power to reverse the situation and make similar promises to significantly change their behavior.

3. Depression: Once a partner accepts nothing will reverse the loss, they may experience a sense of helplessness. Crying, difficulty sleeping, loss of appetite, withdrawing from relationships and activities and blaming themselves are common.

4. Acceptance: Life after divorce begins once grief is processed. Accepting the loss and that it will not be reversed allows the parties involved to move forward with their lives and plan for their futures.

Experiencing these stages can be quite painful and aggravating for either party involved. However, it's important to remember that you should never make social media posts, send texts or leave voicemails in the heat of the moment. Some cases can become quite adversarial because all three media platforms can be used as evidence.

Having an experienced family law specialist who represents your interests will get you through the process with less fear and anxiety, which will reduce financial and emotional stress and help you focus on life after divorce.