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Modern day causes of divorce

There are numerous issues that cause stress and strife between married partners. These issues can be classified into several categories. These problems don't always have to lead to divorce, but many times, couples cannot reconcile their issues and divorce is the best option.

What are some common reasons for divorce in the modern era? You would expect a few new reasons to arise as a result of digital advancement, and they have, but many of the reasons are those age-old issues with a new spin. The following issues are some of the most common causes for divorce among married people today.

Lack of communication

A lack of communication can cause problems in any relationship, family, friends, co-workers and even strangers. In a marriage, it is essential to be able to communicate well. Couples should always be willing to talk to each other to resolve problems or it could lead to new ones. Spouses should also use proper communication techniques, to keep from placing blame or making the other spouse feel poorly about themselves.

If you or your spouse is dealing with reluctance to communicate or a simple unwillingness to chat, consider finding a qualified relationship counselor that can help you develop communications skills so you can iron out problems as soon as possible, before they become major issues that threaten your marriage.

Money issues

Another cause for divorce stems from financial problems. Whether it is a lack of funds to meet all financial obligations or just a division on where the available money needs to be spent, money disagreements can cause an irreparable rift between married partners.

This is, again, where good communication skills are extremely important. You could also attend a class on financial issues with your spouse or find resources online or in your local library to help you budget and come to an agreement on where your money is best spent. Talk about your goals for money and what you each consider good or bad planning or expenditures.

Family members

Other family members can drive a wedge between married spouses. Whether it is in-laws, children or other members of the family, spouses may find themselves at odds over something someone did or said. They may find certain personalities annoying or even unbearable. Spouses may also disagree on how children should be raised, or how step-children should be handled. When spouses can't get on the same page regarding these issues, it has a definite potential to cause stress in the marriage.

Social media

Social media is another source of marital strife, and one of those ones unique to the modern era. Whether one spouse is jealous of who the other spouse is talking to on social media, the other spouse is airing all of the private marital issues between the couple on a public forum or is just paying more attention to the device than the person, this can be a breeding ground for divorce.

Major life changes

Major life changes can also lead to a divorce. Good things, like a new job, new baby or sending a child off to college can take some adjustment. How a couple adapts to the situation can have an effect, and sometimes they do not respond together or in the same way.

If you and your spouse have been driven apart by any of these issues and there is no way to repair the damage to your relationship, a divorce might be the next step. If you are considering divorce, it is important to contact an attorney right away to discuss your options and protect your interests.