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Does divorce impact your credit? Part 1

The short answer is yes, it is very likely that divorce will drag down your credit score. You are trying to untangle your life from another person, the financial implications of that are enormous. One of the biggest problems arises because spouses tend to delegate duties to one another, so one spouse becomes accustomed to a certain task being taken care of. When that relationship breaks down, those tasks go unfinished.

One of the most common issues is that one spouse fails to make payments on a joint account. The other spouse may not even be aware that this is occurring until it is too late. You may think, why does it matter, you aren't the one that is responsible for the credit card? Sadly, you are also responsible. The credit agency will go after anyone it can to secure payment of the outstanding debt, and that includes you. Even after you divorce, jointly held debt is still joint which means the credit agency can try to collect from you even post-divorce.

Another common issue is that people do not appreciate that they need to reduce their standard of living. People are accustomed to the way they live, and it 's hard for them to break that mold, recent divorcees are no exception. Divorce will inevitably require that you pare back some expenses. Costs that were once split between two incomes are now doubled, one for each of you, and halved since the income is now single.

Divorce, as you can see, implicates may be aspects of your life from legal issues to financial problems. A lawyer can help you navigate your divorce to help you avoid the biggest mistakes. You don't need to handle this on your own; an attorney can help you.