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The ins and outs of adopting refugees

The ongoing refugee crisis in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe has stumped numerous people from world leaders to media pundits. No one knows how to solve the problem or help the refugees, but some people are taking action on their own. The only solution to the problem will eventually involve everyday people engaging in small acts of kindness, like donating to charities, and big acts, like adopting a refugee child. This post will discuss the laws involved with adopting a refugee child.

There are multiple layers of law that you need to work through to adopt a refugee: international, federal, and state law. The United Nations strictly regulates the adoption of refugees. The official policy of the UN is that it is best if the child remains with his or her family, to as much extent as possible.

The UN will only allow a family to begin the adoption process if it is in the best interests of the child. But the adoption will be blocked if there is a reasonable chance that the child could be reunited with his or her family. Furthermore, families must wait two years before they can initiate the adoption process, to ensure that there is no chance of connecting the child with his or her family.

Furthermore, once you get passed the international agency, you need to comply with federal refugee law and state adoption laws.

If you would like to adopt a child, you may want to speak to a lawyer beforehand. As stated above, there are numerous adoption issues ranging from conforming to the legal hurdles and the emotional issues inherent in integrating a new child into a family. An attorney can walk you through the various issues, to ensure that you are ready for every step along the way. Adoption is a jarring and rewarding experience, you don't need to take it on alone, a lawyer can help.