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Is the "deadbeat dad" stereotype true?

A recent study undertook to answer this question. Entire government programs and millions of dollars are devoted to forcing the "deadbeat dad" to accept his responsibilities and care for his children. The government is heavily invested because if the father does not do it, the government will and therefore the burden falls on the taxpayer. These assumptions beg the question, are all fathers that fail to pay child support deadbeat dads? If not, how many of them are? Should the answer necessitate a change in policy?

The study examined 150 respondents who consented to be included in the study. The respondents all filled out detailed surveys that asked them to outline their justification for refusing to pay child support. The researcher found some interesting numbers.

Some fathers might qualify as "deadbeat." For example, 12.67 percent refused to pay child support because they do not accept responsibility for the child. The mother was the one that wanted to keep the child. Therefore, the father abrogates all responsibility. Additionally, another 12.67 percent argued that they were not the father at all. But, as you may notice, these percentages are in the minority.

The study also found that 38.65 percent indicated that they lacked the funds to pay child support, which tends to suggest that fathers and mothers both suffer from poverty. It also suggests programs that transfer wealth from fathers to mothers does nothing to raise the standard of living for the family; it merely traps them in a cycle of poverty.

The study also noted that 23.33 percent refused to make payments because the mother would not allow them to visit their child. Retaliation indicates that, rather than being unengaged, these fathers are taking active measures to be involved in their child's life. These cases might require intervention to build healthier relationships between the mother and father for the benefit of the child.

If you are engaged in a child support dispute, then you may want to call a lawyer at your earliest convenience. Child support payments are heavily enforced by the courts and, if necessary, the police. As stated above, governments take these payments very seriously. A lawyer can help ensure that you avoid any serious penalties without becoming trapped with excessive payments.