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What factors go into determining custody/time-sharing and parenting time in Florida?

In Florida, the factors that a court would consider in determining timesharing in custody are spelled out in the Florida statutes. There's about 20 elements that the courts have to review to make sure that they don't make an arbitrary decision or a decision that's just based on their personal preferences. These elements are spelled out and they can be reviewed with an attorney in preparation for a custody battle. A lot of these elements have to do with the amount of time that the parent has already spent with the child even before divorce was filed and during the pendency of the divorce, as well as the level of cooperation and communication that the parents have had with each other. One of the most important factors is maintaining some kind of record of the communication that parents have with each other in the event that some significant evidence could be used in court that should be kept by the parent. Another issue is the health of the parents and whether they're able to maintain a fit home for the child including the morality of the parents. And while generally a court won't look at or make a decision as to what's moral or ethical, they'll consider the effect that the parent's behavior has on the child. They also consider the proximity that the parties live in relation to each other to make sure that any visitation schedule is going to make sense for the amount of time that the child has to travel between the homes. In general, there's a lot of elements to go into it and