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What factors go into determining custody, time-sharing and visitation in Florida?

In Florida, there's quite a few factors that go into a custody determination. The court looks at the parents mostly. How well they get along and the parent that's more likely to allow the other parent to spend time with the child is really the favorite parent in Florida. The court also tries to preserve continuity for the child so where the child has lived the majority of his life or her life, which parent has provided the majority of the care for the child, and preserving the relationships that the child might have in the community. Another element that the court looks at is the geographic viability of any kind of a parenting timesharing schedule. And the court wants the child to spend as little time as possible commuting between the parents’ homes so that's something the court will also take into consideration. And of course, if there is a history of any type of violence or physical or mental abuse, of course the court takes that into consideration, as well. And that's probably one of the major elements if it is present in a case.