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Ex-wife cannot recover divorce court costs from current wife

According to an appeals court from another state, an ex-wife will not be allowed to recover court costs from her ex-husband's new wife. The ruling comes from an attempt on the part of the ex-wife to collect legal fees from another ruling of their divorce. She was trying to force the new wife to pay her husband's past-due alimony. Divorce and alimony cases are heard daily in Florida.

Legalities of divorce

The end of a marriage can be one of the most upsetting and stressful times in a person's life. It is the ending of their happily ever after and may cause some to feel as though they have failed in some way. The divorce rate in Florida and across the U.S. continues to rise, however, showing divorcees that it is more common than they may think. There are several legalities of divorce that are important to note.

Remember the 401K in divorce property division

There are several assets which tend to be overlooked in a divorce. A spouse's retirement plan, such as their 401K is one of those assets. There are a few requirements that must be met, but once this is done, the 401K can be made a part of the divorce property division. These laws not only apply in Florida but in the rest of the country as well.

Avoiding a financial crisis while going through divorce

While divorce is rarely a happy occasion, the financial hardship that comes with it is often the worst aspect of the whole ordeal. In fact, many who go through a divorce end up in a financial crisis. For those who are considering a divorce in Florida, there are ways to ensure that the process doesn't break the bank.

Divorce can especially affect older couples

Getting divorced at any age can be tricky from a financial standpoint. However, the outcome of a divorce that occurs later in life in Florida can have a drastic impact on whether a divorcee is able to retire or live out his or her golden years as expected. A couple of tips may help with dealing with the finances during this type of family law proceeding, particularly when it comes to splitting assets.

Mediation may be your best option for divorce

There are many different reasons for divorce, but not all of them are rancorous. Sometimes, given certain circumstances, a parting of the ways is simply the best answer for a couple, and if both parties are on the same page with this decision, the next step is to figure out how best to go about the divorce. Mediation is a good place to start.

Bill Beck Law - News Update 10

Going through a divorce with kids is a painful and difficult process. If your child has autism or special needs, the divorce can become even more heartbreaking for everyone involved.

Tips to find low-cost marriage counseling

More and more couples are turning to couples counseling to save their marriage or even relationship. Often, even after months of fighting or loss of intimacy, it 's hard to end a marriage. People become nostalgic and remember the good times; they want to recapture those moments. As discussed in a prior post, marriage counseling is expensive, which forestalls many couples from seeking the help they need. This post will go over the remaining tips to find affordable counseling.

Text messages are admissible as evidence in a divorce

Anything in writing may be used as evidence in a divorce proceeding, and that includes emails and text messages. In fact, electronic messaging has become overwhelmingly popular in such cases. Once printed and produced in court, emails and text messages can show verbal abuse, examples of wrongdoing and other related missteps the sender never wanted to come out. Even messages that have been deleted can be retrieved by professionals or by subpoena.

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