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Helping kids deal with divorce

While divorce is hard on anyone, it can be especially difficult for children to process. Kids usually see the instability and discontent that causes fighting even before the divorce is ever filed. They are often fearful of the process and sometimes feel alone because the parents are caught up in their own trauma. But families who are going through a Florida divorce can make the transition smoother by following a few simple suggestions.

One state optimizes mobile child support payments

For the citizens of one state, it just got a bit easier to make one more type of payment. That's because child support payments in that state can now be made via mobile phone. A parent who may have forgotten to make a payment on time can now simply send it via the mobile app. While this technology has not yet reached Florida, one could hope that it could eventually be available in every state.

Bill Beck Law - News Update 10

Going through a divorce with kids is a painful and difficult process. If your child has autism or special needs, the divorce can become even more heartbreaking for everyone involved.

Preacher arrested for failure to pay child support

A preacher in a nearby Southern state was recently held in jail after he allegedly failed to pay his court-ordered child support. The 49-year-old pastor was taken in on charges of failure to comply. According to a spokesperson from the local sheriff's department, it is simply a case of him reportedly refusing to follow orders. In Florida, being accused of failing to pay child support can cause someone to end up in jail.

Father collects felonies trying to avoid child support arrest

A Washington County man has been taken into custody after fleeing to elude police officers. The Washington County Florida Sheriff Deputies were attempting to arrest the man on March 10 for failing to pay his child support. Instead of facing the accusations, police claim that the man chose to flee on foot, which then caused the deputies to add more charges to his arrest.

How does the IRS treat child support payments?

You might assume that child support payments are tax deductible. You are forced to give the money to another parent and you are deprived the use and enjoyment of it, why wouldn?t it be deductible? Unfortunately, the IRS disagrees, child support payments are not tax deductible. This post will go over the tax treatment of child support and how you can avoid getting in trouble.

Can your Social Security be garnished for unpaid child support?

Yes, your Social Security benefits can be garnished to satisfy unpaid child support obligations. Yes, the government can garnish either retirement or disability benefits. The federal government doesn't allow most lenders to pursue Social Security, however, it passed special exceptions for child and spousal support obligations. This post will go over when and how your benefits can get garnished.

The key to determining support for children with special needs

Divorce is never easy, and regardless of what has led to the difficult decision to end a marriage, when children with special needs are involved, matters become more complicated. Once custody is decided, you will then have to determine the amount of child support the main caregiver will receive from the other parent to ensure any agreement meets the medical, physical and emotional requirements of the child. This decision may seem straightforward; however, when dealing with such a sensitive issue, especially when both parents provided care for their child, emotions can prevent an amicable resolution.

A review of the Florida child support guidelines, Part 2

Child support is the payments from one parent to the other to support their mutual child. As discussed in a previous post, the courts consider incomes and expenses from both parents in calculating child support. This post will go over the other factors the court also considers.

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