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Be careful of nesting for child custody

In recent years, parents have become more and more aware of the effects that a divorce will have on their children. With this awareness comes new ways to try and cushion the blow, such as nesting. Nesting is when the children keep the family home, and the parents both move out, taking turns staying with the children in the home. But Florida parents may want to proceed cautiously if choosing this method of child custody.

Mediation in child custody

Anyone who has ever been through a divorce in which children were involved can attest to the stressfulness of the entire situation. Child custody decisions can be the most important choices that parents ever make for their kids. In Florida, when divorcing parents cannot come to an agreement concerning who will get custody of the kids, divorce mediation may be a way to solve the matter amicably.

One state fights to make shared child custody mandatory priority

A representative of one state is fighting to make it mandatory for family court judges to make it a priority for parents to share their kids after a divorce. While many couples make the decision of who will get child custody before they ever reach the courtroom, the family court judge is left to make that choice when the parents cannot agree. A new bill was introduced recently that will provide new rules on how those decisions are made. Though the bill was not presented in Florida, it could have an affect on family courts all over the country.

Bill Beck Law - News Update 10

Going through a divorce with kids is a painful and difficult process. If your child has autism or special needs, the divorce can become even more heartbreaking for everyone involved.

Florida bill would help needy families from losing child custody

A new law has been proposed which will give needy families in the state access to temporary foster care. For many single parents in Florida, a parent's serious illness, struggle with addiction or even a visit to jail can mean the loss of their child to foster care. If a parent has no one to care for their child while they are sick or away, child custody can be lost to them forever. Those behind The Temporary Care of a Child Act are hoping to change all that.

Child Custody Unmarried Parenting Plan Bill Introduced in Florida

The Florida Senate Committee recently introduced a bill that could help create an effective and beneficial parenting plan for unwed parents who wish to share in raising their child. The Florida child custody bill SB 590 was introduced in the Committee on Children, Families, and Elder Affairs on Monday, March 6 by its lead author. Although the bill was voted on by members of the committee upon introduction, it will still need to be heard on the Statehouse floor and voted on by several other committees before it could become law.

Setting up child custody arrangements, outside of court

Many courts encourage couples to engage in informal negotiations to resolve child custody disputes. The courts are ill-prepared to investigate and issue child custody decisions that fundamentally affect the lives of parents and children. The judge does not know the child that well, she does not know the circumstances of your relationship or anything else to do with the case.

The legal issues involving artificial wombs

Artificial wombs sound like something out of a sci-fi/horror film, but scientists are making steady progress. Before delving into the legal issues involving artificial womb research and potential custody issues, it is important to address the ethical implications. Many people argue against this type of research, however, scientists counter that it is important to offer life-saving procedures to save young fetuses who would otherwise be lost. Additionally, it provides mothers who are unable to conceive a chance to raise a child carrying her genetic make-up.

Can you withhold support as leverage to modify a parenting plan?

It is natural to believe that child support and the parenting plan are intimately connected. Often the support and parenting plans will be decided during the same dispute, but not necessarily at the same time. But you would be wrong. From a legal standpoint, support and parenting plans are two entirely different legal issues.

States considering new way to approach child custody

For decades, all states awarded custody with similar goals in mind. With scant research available, judges and lawmakers assumed that it is best for children to live in a stable home. More often than not, this meant the court would award primary custody to one parent, to the exclusion of the other. But many state legislatures are considering new laws that would balance the approach courts take to determining custody.

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