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Adoption of 7 kid gives only child new siblings

One set of parents has made the decision to adopt seven siblings, taking their biological son from only child status to baby brother. The adoption provided a home for a family of children who had spent most of their lives in and out of foster homes. There are hundreds of children in Florida who are also waiting to find a permanent home.

Adoption task force could overhaul entire system

Families who have adopted children can likely attest to how long and expensive the process can be. One state's lawmakers are going to be very busy this summer trying to create legislation that will overhaul the entire adoption and foster care system. A committee dedicated to this cause was appointed on April 19th and will look into ways to shorten the process of adoption and lower the costs. Although this is not yet taken place in Florida, this could set a precedence for making adoptions easier throughout the U.S.

Florida lawmaker wants to make it easy to open adoption records

In most cases, adoption has always been a private affair. Adoptive parents typically do not know where the kids they adopt come from, and the birth parents usually do not know where their child goes. This was the case for many years, ostensibly to protect both sides of the process. According to one Florida lawmaker, however, this adoption process did not protect the child involved, and he wants to change all that.

Birth Father Fights for Custody of 3 Year Old Lost via Adoption

Adoption and custody cases can be some of the most emotionally charged and difficult ones to ever darken the doors of a courtroom. For most adoption cases, there is a happy ending for all involved. Sadly, however, there are some adoption cases which end up as custody cases. Such is the story of one three-year-old girl, her birth father and her adoptive parents.

Can you adopt with an arrest or conviction on your record?

Deciding to adopt a child is one of the most selfless acts any person or family can undertake. That being said, many people also commit dumb errors in their youth (for instance, drunk driving). Does your record prevent you from being eligible to adopt a child? Assuming you meet all the other criteria, this post will analyze the impact of an arrest or conviction on your opportunity to adopt.

The ins and outs of adopting refugees

The ongoing refugee crisis in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe has stumped numerous people from world leaders to media pundits. No one knows how to solve the problem or help the refugees, but some people are taking action on their own. The only solution to the problem will eventually involve everyday people engaging in small acts of kindness, like donating to charities, and big acts, like adopting a refugee child. This post will discuss the laws involved with adopting a refugee child.

What if the birth parent withholds consent?

In a stepparent adoption, both birth parents must give their consent to the adoption. Sometimes this is an issue because if the birth parent consents, the birth parent is affirmatively surrendering their parental rights. The birth parent also gives up all of their parental obligations (except for possible inheritances by the child). If the parent gives their consent, then no problem, you can proceed with the adoption. But if the birth parent withholds consent, there are ways you can try to terminate their rights.

Transgender children are adopted at higher rates

Contrary to, perhaps, popular assumptions, transgender children are adopted at higher rates than the statewide average rate. A study conducted by the Boston Children's Hospital's Gender Management Service Clinic noted that 8.2 percent of the transgender children who had gone to the clinic between the years 2007 and 2015 were living with adoptive families,  whereas the overall adoption rate in the state is only 2.3 percent.

International adoptions are declining

International adoptions are becoming rarer and rarer. At first, you may think this is great news because that must mean there are fewer orphans. Unfortunately, the decline is more associated with countries' growing reticence about sending their children abroad. China and Russia, the two largest source countries for international infant adoption promulgated regulations to stem (in some cases halt) the international adoption process. China, Russia and many other countries are responding to popular opinion which says that their home countries should be able to care for their own children.

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