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August 2017 Archives

Shared child custody being encouraged in several states

At one time, when a couple divorced, it meant that a bitter fight over who got custody of the kids was about to ensue. In many cases in Florida, as well as in other states, the mother was often given custody by default unless she could be proven unfit. This is no longer the case. In fact, more and more states are encouraging shared child custody in divorce cases, with a few states even making it a law.

Potential parents considering adoption later in life

At one time in history, adopting a child was a very regulated process. In most cases, in order to be considered for adoption, one had to have a spouse, had to be the same race as the child, had to have a certain income, and it all needed to be done before a certain age. That is no longer the case. Now, there are more and more single, mixed-race, middle-class potential adoptive parents than ever before in Florida and other states. And many of them are much older than expected.

Ex-wife cannot recover divorce court costs from current wife

According to an appeals court from another state, an ex-wife will not be allowed to recover court costs from her ex-husband's new wife. The ruling comes from an attempt on the part of the ex-wife to collect legal fees from another ruling of their divorce. She was trying to force the new wife to pay her husband's past-due alimony. Divorce and alimony cases are heard daily in Florida.

Divorcing your spouse when you have a special needs child

While you are making plans to divorce your spouse in Florida, do not forget to take your special needs child into consideration. Ideally, you and your child's other parent should cooperate to make the situation as uneventful and less stressful on your kid as possible. However, you may have trouble communicating with each other without conflict because of the fear, uncertainty and changes you are experiencing. 

American families look to foster children for adoption choice

According to a recent report, more and more American families are choosing to make foster kids a permanent part of their families. When it comes time to make a decision about adoption, more parents are looking at the option of allowing foster children into their homes. There are many of these children in Florida looking for somewhere to grow roots and spread wings.

Be careful of nesting for child custody

In recent years, parents have become more and more aware of the effects that a divorce will have on their children. With this awareness comes new ways to try and cushion the blow, such as nesting. Nesting is when the children keep the family home, and the parents both move out, taking turns staying with the children in the home. But Florida parents may want to proceed cautiously if choosing this method of child custody.

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