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June 2017 Archives

State seeks to end paternity rights of sports doctor

One state has moved to end the parental rights of a sports doctor who has been accused of the sexual assault of several females. According to the report, attorneys have filed their petition against the 53-year-old after citing testimony from the FBI. It is a case in which a man could lose custody of his children despite the fact that he has never been accused of abusing them in any way. While this case is unique, paternity rights cases are heard daily in Florida courtrooms.

Adoption advocate has helped find homes for over 200 children

A man whose wife was adopted at the age of 6 months has come to be known as an advocate for adoption. It all started in Florida in Jan. 2005 when six babies who were about to be born needed permanent homes. The man's wife of just 11 months volunteered herself and her husband, and together, they arranged for the adoption.

Mediation in child custody

Anyone who has ever been through a divorce in which children were involved can attest to the stressfulness of the entire situation. Child custody decisions can be the most important choices that parents ever make for their kids. In Florida, when divorcing parents cannot come to an agreement concerning who will get custody of the kids, divorce mediation may be a way to solve the matter amicably.

One state fights to make shared child custody mandatory priority

A representative of one state is fighting to make it mandatory for family court judges to make it a priority for parents to share their kids after a divorce. While many couples make the decision of who will get child custody before they ever reach the courtroom, the family court judge is left to make that choice when the parents cannot agree. A new bill was introduced recently that will provide new rules on how those decisions are made. Though the bill was not presented in Florida, it could have an affect on family courts all over the country.

Avoiding a financial crisis while going through divorce

While divorce is rarely a happy occasion, the financial hardship that comes with it is often the worst aspect of the whole ordeal. In fact, many who go through a divorce end up in a financial crisis. For those who are considering a divorce in Florida, there are ways to ensure that the process doesn't break the bank.

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