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May 2017 Archives

Adoption of 7 kid gives only child new siblings

One set of parents has made the decision to adopt seven siblings, taking their biological son from only child status to baby brother. The adoption provided a home for a family of children who had spent most of their lives in and out of foster homes. There are hundreds of children in Florida who are also waiting to find a permanent home.

Divorce can especially affect older couples

Getting divorced at any age can be tricky from a financial standpoint. However, the outcome of a divorce that occurs later in life in Florida can have a drastic impact on whether a divorcee is able to retire or live out his or her golden years as expected. A couple of tips may help with dealing with the finances during this type of family law proceeding, particularly when it comes to splitting assets.

Mediation may be your best option for divorce

There are many different reasons for divorce, but not all of them are rancorous. Sometimes, given certain circumstances, a parting of the ways is simply the best answer for a couple, and if both parties are on the same page with this decision, the next step is to figure out how best to go about the divorce. Mediation is a good place to start.

One state optimizes mobile child support payments

For the citizens of one state, it just got a bit easier to make one more type of payment. That's because child support payments in that state can now be made via mobile phone. A parent who may have forgotten to make a payment on time can now simply send it via the mobile app. While this technology has not yet reached Florida, one could hope that it could eventually be available in every state.

Paternity testing doesn't have to be invasive

The question of whether a man is a child's father can become a hotly contested issue rather quickly. In courts all over Florida and the United States, paternity tests have become a common practice. These tests use DNA to determine if two people are father and son. There are two different kinds of paternity tests, prenatal and postnatal.

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