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March 2017 Archives

Florida lawmaker wants to make it easy to open adoption records

In most cases, adoption has always been a private affair. Adoptive parents typically do not know where the kids they adopt come from, and the birth parents usually do not know where their child goes. This was the case for many years, ostensibly to protect both sides of the process. According to one Florida lawmaker, however, this adoption process did not protect the child involved, and he wants to change all that.

How will your divorce affect your child with ASD?

In any marriage, couples have to deal with many stressors, such as financial concerns, lack of quality time with each other, problems caused by work and hectic schedules. Over time, one or more of these issues may pull the marriage apart. If your child has Autism Spectrum Disorder, the decision to divorce can be especially painful and difficult.

Father collects felonies trying to avoid child support arrest

A Washington County man has been taken into custody after fleeing to elude police officers. The Washington County Florida Sheriff Deputies were attempting to arrest the man on March 10 for failing to pay his child support. Instead of facing the accusations, police claim that the man chose to flee on foot, which then caused the deputies to add more charges to his arrest.

Challenging paternity tests, Part 1

When a child is born, the hospital, government, and the world can identify the mother, therefore, her parental rights are never questioned (unless there is evidence of abuse). But, fathers are harder to identify because there is no way to know without a DNA test truly. The rest of the time, it is based on what the mother and father say (in most cases). This post will go over how paternity is established and challenged.

Do unwed fathers have rights guaranteed by law?

Assigning legal rights for unwed parents is always more complicated than many people appreciate. Unfortunately, it is even more complicated for unwed fathers. The courts are able to identify the birth mother because her name is automatically included on the birth certificate, whereas the father is merely whoever the mother identifies. This post will go over the general rights conferred by the law onto unwed fathers.

Child Custody Unmarried Parenting Plan Bill Introduced in Florida

The Florida Senate Committee recently introduced a bill that could help create an effective and beneficial parenting plan for unwed parents who wish to share in raising their child. The Florida child custody bill SB 590 was introduced in the Committee on Children, Families, and Elder Affairs on Monday, March 6 by its lead author. Although the bill was voted on by members of the committee upon introduction, it will still need to be heard on the Statehouse floor and voted on by several other committees before it could become law.

Birth Father Fights for Custody of 3 Year Old Lost via Adoption

Adoption and custody cases can be some of the most emotionally charged and difficult ones to ever darken the doors of a courtroom. For most adoption cases, there is a happy ending for all involved. Sadly, however, there are some adoption cases which end up as custody cases. Such is the story of one three-year-old girl, her birth father and her adoptive parents.

Setting up child custody arrangements, outside of court

Many courts encourage couples to engage in informal negotiations to resolve child custody disputes. The courts are ill-prepared to investigate and issue child custody decisions that fundamentally affect the lives of parents and children. The judge does not know the child that well, she does not know the circumstances of your relationship or anything else to do with the case.

Tips to find low-cost marriage counseling

More and more couples are turning to couples counseling to save their marriage or even relationship. Often, even after months of fighting or loss of intimacy, it 's hard to end a marriage. People become nostalgic and remember the good times; they want to recapture those moments. As discussed in a prior post, marriage counseling is expensive, which forestalls many couples from seeking the help they need. This post will go over the remaining tips to find affordable counseling.

The legal issues involving artificial wombs

Artificial wombs sound like something out of a sci-fi/horror film, but scientists are making steady progress. Before delving into the legal issues involving artificial womb research and potential custody issues, it is important to address the ethical implications. Many people argue against this type of research, however, scientists counter that it is important to offer life-saving procedures to save young fetuses who would otherwise be lost. Additionally, it provides mothers who are unable to conceive a chance to raise a child carrying her genetic make-up.

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