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February 2017 Archives

How does the IRS treat child support payments?

You might assume that child support payments are tax deductible. You are forced to give the money to another parent and you are deprived the use and enjoyment of it, why wouldn?t it be deductible? Unfortunately, the IRS disagrees, child support payments are not tax deductible. This post will go over the tax treatment of child support and how you can avoid getting in trouble.

Text messages are admissible as evidence in a divorce

Anything in writing may be used as evidence in a divorce proceeding, and that includes emails and text messages. In fact, electronic messaging has become overwhelmingly popular in such cases. Once printed and produced in court, emails and text messages can show verbal abuse, examples of wrongdoing and other related missteps the sender never wanted to come out. Even messages that have been deleted can be retrieved by professionals or by subpoena.

Tips to manage divorce from an angry partner

It is normal for someone to get angry if they are going through a divorce. Most divorces are not mutual. In fact, most marriages end because one spouse is done with the relationship and wants to the divorce. Conversely, the other spouse wants to keep working on the relationship. The disconnect in goals can lead some people to become angry to the point where they do something rash. This post will go over how to manage divorce from an angry spouse.

Can you adopt with an arrest or conviction on your record?

Deciding to adopt a child is one of the most selfless acts any person or family can undertake. That being said, many people also commit dumb errors in their youth (for instance, drunk driving). Does your record prevent you from being eligible to adopt a child? Assuming you meet all the other criteria, this post will analyze the impact of an arrest or conviction on your opportunity to adopt.

Can your Social Security be garnished for unpaid child support?

Yes, your Social Security benefits can be garnished to satisfy unpaid child support obligations. Yes, the government can garnish either retirement or disability benefits. The federal government doesn't allow most lenders to pursue Social Security, however, it passed special exceptions for child and spousal support obligations. This post will go over when and how your benefits can get garnished.

The key to determining support for children with special needs

Divorce is never easy, and regardless of what has led to the difficult decision to end a marriage, when children with special needs are involved, matters become more complicated. Once custody is decided, you will then have to determine the amount of child support the main caregiver will receive from the other parent to ensure any agreement meets the medical, physical and emotional requirements of the child. This decision may seem straightforward; however, when dealing with such a sensitive issue, especially when both parents provided care for their child, emotions can prevent an amicable resolution.

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