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December 2016 Archives

The ins and outs of adopting refugees

The ongoing refugee crisis in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe has stumped numerous people from world leaders to media pundits. No one knows how to solve the problem or help the refugees, but some people are taking action on their own. The only solution to the problem will eventually involve everyday people engaging in small acts of kindness, like donating to charities, and big acts, like adopting a refugee child. This post will discuss the laws involved with adopting a refugee child.

Divorcing parents must help children adjust to two homes

When you and your spouse are facing divorce, one of your priorities will be to make the transition to new lifestyles as smooth as possible, especially for the children involved. The idea of moving back and forth between two homes may be a difficult prospect for them, but good planning will help them adjust and positive steps will ensure they continue to feel loved, wanted and safe.

Tips to find low-cost marriage counseling, Part 1

Divorce is a huge emotional undertaking. As such, many couples are turning to marriage counseling to try and fix their relationship. Unfortunately, according to a study conducted by the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts, the three primary causes of divorce are infidelity, incompatibility, and money issues. So, to many couples who are struggling financially, the idea of hiring a marriage counselor to talk out their problems likely sounds ridiculous.

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