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Tips on how to emotionally survive divorce

Divorce is one of the most emotionally draining experiences a person can have, and in this respect, it is generally harder on women. You are used to being one half of a couple, so becoming a single person again is a difficult prospect. The whole situation can seem overwhelming, but you can make it much easier to deal with if you believe in yourself and look to the future with hope and confidence. Here are a few tips to help you do that.

A review of the Florida child support guidelines, Part 2

Child support is the payments from one parent to the other to support their mutual child. As discussed in a previous post, the courts consider incomes and expenses from both parents in calculating child support. This post will go over the other factors the court also considers.

What if the birth parent withholds consent?

In a stepparent adoption, both birth parents must give their consent to the adoption. Sometimes this is an issue because if the birth parent consents, the birth parent is affirmatively surrendering their parental rights. The birth parent also gives up all of their parental obligations (except for possible inheritances by the child). If the parent gives their consent, then no problem, you can proceed with the adoption. But if the birth parent withholds consent, there are ways you can try to terminate their rights.

What is an informal child support agreement?

Informal child support agreements are negotiated directly between the spouses. They can involve two lawyers, one lawyer or no lawyers. They are often negotiated as part of the overall divorce decree but do not have to form a part of it. But informal child support agreements aren't entirely enforceable on their own, like a divorce decree. This post will go over these agreements and how you can get one to be enforceable.

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