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October 2016 Archives

Unwed fathers encounter issues asserting paternal rights

The law governing familial relationships still mostly assumes that parents are married when they have children. When married fathers have children, the paternal rights are automatically applied and presumed. But for unwed fathers, they must affirmatively assert their rights in a document attesting to their relationship. These rights can be asserted without the mother. However, it is far simpler if she is involved.

Why everyone should have a prenuptial agreement

More couples are signing prenuptial agreements than ever before, and this is not because they see celebrities doing it. The current economic climate simply makes a prenup a financial safety net for those headed to the altar. Some people have reservations about signing a prenuptial agreement. Is it an indication that your marriage may end in divorce?

A review of the Florida child support guidelines, Part 1

All states now rely on a series of guidelines to assist the court in determining how much child support to order and to whom. These guidelines are updated periodically to adjust for economic reality and changes in the law. This post will go over the latest iteration of the Florida guidelines and explain how they work.

Issues with paternity fraud

Paternity fraud occurs when the mother of a child lies about the identity of the father and binds that person into a child custody/child support arrangement. With modern science and DNA testing, you may think that paternity fraud is an issue from the past. However, it is very much an ongoing concern. Most parent-child relationships are established without formal DNA testing; the father just accepts his obligations without contest.

Transgender children are adopted at higher rates

Contrary to, perhaps, popular assumptions, transgender children are adopted at higher rates than the statewide average rate. A study conducted by the Boston Children's Hospital's Gender Management Service Clinic noted that 8.2 percent of the transgender children who had gone to the clinic between the years 2007 and 2015 were living with adoptive families,  whereas the overall adoption rate in the state is only 2.3 percent.

5 stages of grief

Deciding to move forward with divorce is difficult and emotional for all involved. Knowing what to expect can often ease any fear associated with not knowing what life will be like after. Everyone will go through various degrees and states of emotion throughout the process but there are five key stages you can expect.

Can you withhold support as leverage to modify a parenting plan?

It is natural to believe that child support and the parenting plan are intimately connected. Often the support and parenting plans will be decided during the same dispute, but not necessarily at the same time. But you would be wrong. From a legal standpoint, support and parenting plans are two entirely different legal issues.

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