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August 2016 Archives

International adoptions are declining

International adoptions are becoming rarer and rarer. At first, you may think this is great news because that must mean there are fewer orphans. Unfortunately, the decline is more associated with countries' growing reticence about sending their children abroad. China and Russia, the two largest source countries for international infant adoption promulgated regulations to stem (in some cases halt) the international adoption process. China, Russia and many other countries are responding to popular opinion which says that their home countries should be able to care for their own children.

Can you pursue compensation for misattributed paternity?

The short answer is yes; you can seek compensation if you supported a child that was not biologically related to you and you were unaware. Misattributed paternity occurs when a father provides support for a child that he is not biologically related to, and he was unaware the child was unrelated to him. Paternity is the establishment of reciprocal legal rights and duties between a father and child. Paternity places the father under an affirmative duty to provide support and care to his child.

Is the "deadbeat dad" stereotype true?

A recent study undertook to answer this question. Entire government programs and millions of dollars are devoted to forcing the "deadbeat dad" to accept his responsibilities and care for his children. The government is heavily invested because if the father does not do it, the government will and therefore the burden falls on the taxpayer. These assumptions beg the question, are all fathers that fail to pay child support deadbeat dads? If not, how many of them are? Should the answer necessitate a change in policy?

How does a domestic violence allegation affect custody claims?

Child custody disputes will examine every part of your life from your income, job, stability, emotional health and any past criminal history, including domestic violence charges. Which begs the question, what happens if your partner alleges domestic violence? Can a protective order prohibit you from seeing your child? How does this affect the overall custody arrangement? This post will go over some of the issues that these allegations can raise.

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