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Some issue with divorce involving children with special needs

Divorce is a very complicated endeavor, and it is made even more so by children with special needs. You need to ensure that you take particular care to resolve four key issues when it comes to your divorce. Children with special needs require extra care during a custody dispute. They typically need additional medical attention, education oversight, and transition plans to ensure that both parents continue to act in the child's best interest.

Does divorce impact your credit? Part 1

The short answer is yes, it is very likely that divorce will drag down your credit score. You are trying to untangle your life from another person, the financial implications of that are enormous. One of the biggest problems arises because spouses tend to delegate duties to one another, so one spouse becomes accustomed to a certain task being taken care of. When that relationship breaks down, those tasks go unfinished.

Pros and Cons with Open Adoptions

Open adoptions once composed only one percent of domestic adoptions. That number now fluctuates between 60 and 70 percent of domestic adoptions. Open adoptions, unlike traditional (or closed) adoptions, allow the biological parents to stay in contact with the adopted child. Now, due to the growing popularity of open adoptions, many agencies now offer open adoptions as an option for parents.

What rights does paternity grant to children in Florida?

Paternity is the formal establishment of a legal relationship between a father and his child. There are several ways that paternity can be established, the most common method is at the hospital with a formal acknowledgment. Once paternity is established, the mother, father and the child all gain some rights. This post will address the rights that the child gains under Florida law.

Florida Child Support Guidelines Explained

Florida, like many states, utilizes child support guidelines to determine the amount of appropriate child support payments. Guidelines, generally, are formulas that the court relies upon to calculate the respective child support owed by the parents. This means that there are very few opportunities to deviate from the guidelines. The court will require the parties to product evidence and documents supporting income and financial status, which it will use to calculate child support.

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